12 10 2012

According to preliminary numbers


  • President of the exporting sector, Juan Varilias, stated that there are several critical points in the exporting activity, which should be evaluated and solve in order to improve the development of this activity.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012. – The Peruvian exportations have been reduced for the fifth consecutive month. According to preliminary results of custom house, The Exporters Association (ADEX) informed that on last August and because of the drop in prices of some minerals, the Peruvian shipments have got a total of US$ 3,479.2 million, 25% less than in the same month of last year.

Only in August, the traditional exportations will get a total of US$ 2,589.5 million (-30.5%) and the Non-traditional US$ 889.6 million (-2.9%). If we confirm this numbers, next week the accumulated numbers of January-august would present a decrease of 5% when having a total of US$ 29,210.9 million in comparison to the US$ 30,724.4 of similar period in 2011. The primary exportations (US$ 22,107.4 million) would drop in 8.8% and the ones with added-value (US$ 7,103.4 millions) would have grown 9.7%.

According to the opinion of the President of the exporting sector, Juan Varilias Velásquez, the preliminary numbers must invite the public Institutions to speed up the process in order to reduce the logistic costs and to eliminate the barriers that limit the sector development. “We continue to building bridges. A few hours ago we have a meeting with the congress woman Luciana León, to whom, we manifest the critical points that the sector is facing” he stated.

He mentioned the drop in the change type that increases in 30% the production costs with the raise of our products in the International markets, making them less competitive and to placing the companies in a limit situation. He also commented the need to create new commercial and economic offices abroad (OCEX) for the real use of the TLC’s and to guarantee the Institutional support of Promperú and OPD’s like Senasa, Digesa and Sanipes.

Talking about private sector, He assured that the business companies are making efforts in diversify their products and markets as part of a strategy to the recession that Europe is going through and the difficult economic situation of USA, both are our main commercial partners.

In regards of the development of new strategies of promotion, He highlighted the recent success of the Expoalimentaria fair 2012 that had the best of the food offer in Peru to be exhibited to more than 2,000 International buyers. He pointed as well, the importance of other specialized fairs such as, Perú Moda and “Hecho a Mano” for Hotels.

“The success of Expoalimentaria is not only ADEX’s because we counted with the valuable support of government Institutions as Promperú, The Agriculture Ministry and the Ministry of external affairs , for that reason we expect to keep the agreement public-private and that we can keep reaping achievements that benefit the country”.

Varilias remembers the potential of our outside trades and the benefits that are bringing over to our country; it generates an estimation of 82 job positions for each million dollar of exportation. It promotes the formalization and develops around 4,000 products for the commercialization in the world.




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