Seminars and Conferences


II Seminar Emprende Perú

New Tendencies in the consuming of food products will be discussed


 The financial crisis and the slow development in competitiveness in Peru is a barrier to the company growing, however that is not preventing the creativiness on the contrary it promotes it. With the purpose of contribuite with that spirirt, The second seminar “Emprende Peru” will be held on septemebr 21st in the auditorium of the Military Air Base in Las Palmas in the activities of the Expoalimentaria Fair.

 The II Seminar “Emprende Perú” is for entrepreneurs, producers, supplies providers, exporters, investors, representatives of public and private institutions, professionals related to the sector, students and people who are interested in the evolution of the Peruvian agro exportations.

The event is looking to identify and get to know the factors of success of Peruvian companies that are recognized nationally and internationally, experiences in product innovation, and also market tendencies according to the most important food buying companies in Peru and the main markets in the world.

Moreover some successful cases of Peruvian companies will be presented, companies that have achieved their internationalization, letting the small companies to continue the good example. Like this it is exposed some efficiency cases, business gestation and it spreads the new consuming tendencies of food products.

The event will be divided in three modules : factors of success to positioning a typical brand”; and  “Key factors for the development of innovating successful products; “Tendency of consuming and opportunities for Peruvian products to the national and International levels.

In the same way this event will count with national speakers such as, Marco Antonio Carrasco, manager of Exportations of Alicorp; Carlos Vidaurre, ex Manager of  Multimercados  Minka. And also, with the internacional ones Enrique Ameghino, comercial manager of CENCOSUD; Pedro Sastre, manager of categoría frutas and vegetables of BIDS, of United Kingdom; and, Marcelo Fontana, importer and financial Director and  Supermercados Casafiesta –Brasil; and others.


International Convention of the Innovation of food


Tendencies of packing and technology will be discussed


One of the news of the fourth edition of the Expoalimentaria fair is The First International Convention of the Innovation of food packaging_ INNOVAPACK, where tendencies of technology in the food industry will be discussed and also effective solutions to the sector needs will be discussed as well. This event will take place on Thursday, September 19, at the auditorium of the Military Air Base in Las Palmas.

The International convention of the Innovation of food packaging- INNOVAPACK is looking to promote the tendencies in technology of packing, machinery, equipment and services, to bring  to companies, solutions for their needs of packing and packaging and also to propose rentable and innovating solutions to a consuming society.

The event will take place in three modules: “The packaging Industry in Peru”, giving shape to the food industry future”. The marketing for the food packaging: the role that plays in the sale strategy of my products.”, and, “Tendencies and Innovation in the food industry: solutions that are having shape. In each module rentable and innovating solutions will be discussed to a consuming society, taking in consideration that in this competition, the packaging industry is growing every time and it is offering proactivity and convenience.

The lecturers will be held by national and international experts, representatives of important institutions such as, Jaime Reátegui, president of the Peruvian packing and packaging Institution  (IPENBAL); María Reina, president of the Asociación Colombiana of the a Industria Gráfica ANDIGRAF  (Colombia); Maylin Shiu, Development analists of Clients Mintel International (United States) ; and Rodrigo Isaza, coordinator of Neurology Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana- UPB  (Colombia).

We also have, Raúl Amaral, Technical coordinator of Instituto de Tecnología de Alimentos- ITAL (Brasil); Genaro Yañez Granados, Technical representative of Eastman Chemical Company  (México); Camilo Herrera Mora, president of Raddar Consumer Knowledge Group  (Colombia) and Tiago B. Dantas, scientific investigator  Centro de Tecnología de Embalaje -CETEA del ITAL (Brasil).

The convention is for business owners and exporters of the food sector, investors, consultants, investigators, representatives of public and private Institutions and ONG’s students, and others.


V International Convention of Organic Products

Variety of organic products with great potential will be distinguished



In 2011, Peru was the leader of the organic banana exportation; it was the second exporter of organic cacao and the world’s third producer of coffee specialties. Precisely, acknowledging the great potential of the Peruvian organic products, The V International convention of Organic products will take place in order to promote the varied offer of these products, show tendencies of the international markets and to foster the competitiveness of the sector.


This event will take place on September 19, 2012 in the activities of the Expoalimentaria Fair at the auditorium of the Military Air Base in Las Palmas. It is looking for new opportunities for the organic products and financial funding for the organic production as well. The present view will also be analyzed and the perspectives for the future as well in the Peruvian organic offer.

The convention done for the entrepreneurs, producers, exporters, investors, representatives of public and private institutions, professionals related to the sector and students will have three modules. “Why organic products?”, “financial funding: promoting the competitiveness”; and attractive markets for the Peruvian organic products.

The topics that will be discussed are: Evolution of exportations of organic products, Promotion of organic production of the Andean grains, Norms of organic production and its competitiveness in the agro sector, tendencies of the American market, European, Canadian for the organic products and opportunities for the Peruvian products in the UAE.

The speakers will be National and International. In the National group they have representatives of the Direction assistant of Commercial Promotion of  Promperú, the General Management of Agro competitiveness of the Agriculture Ministry and the Sub Direction of the organic production of the national health service – SENASA. In the International group we have representatives of the Cooperation Suiza-SECO and the National coordination: “Proyecto Biocomercio Andino (GEF – CAF); and others.

VII Aquiculture and fishing Convention


 Event will take place for the first time in Piura as part of the decentralization actions of ADEX  to analyze and promote business opportunities in the aquiculture sector and to know the technological advances and tendencies in the market, national and international experts will get together at the VII aquiculture and fishing International convention which will take place in the activities of the Expoalimentaria 2012 this September 17 in the city of Piura.

The potential and riches of the Peruvian sea is unquestionable, that’s why Peru is the world’s number three exporter of frozen scallops, the seventh world seller of squid fish in all its presentations and the eighth exporter of trout fillet in the world.

To strengthen and to contribute with the ascending rhythm of this industry, at the VII International aquiculture and fishing convention, that will take place for the first time at theCentro de Entrenamiento en Microfinanzas -CEMIF de la Caja de Piura, some new tendencies of the sector in the international markets will be discussed and the coming policies in its development as well.

It also will be discussed and analyzed the International and current regulations of safety and health that will let the entry to the main markets; business opportunities will be promoted according to the International markets tendencies and new investments projects will be presented to increase the exportations of the sector.

The event will have two modules: the first one will talk about the New requirements to entry the international markets of our exportable offer, while the second one will discuss about the sustainable development of Fishery Industry in Peru. The speakers will be International and National experts and the call is directed to producer business owners, aquiculture and fishing exporters, investors, investigators, food providers, machinery and supplies of the sector, and others.


    •  International Convention on Organic Products

    Peru is starting to be seen as a future organic food producing leader, and right now it leads the world in organic coffee and banana exports and is the number five producer of organic bananas and number two producer of organic cacao. In terms of its agricultural export basket, organic products are the third most important, and earnings from them are improving the quality of life for small farmers and their importance is safeguarding Peru’s biodiversity.

The IV International Convention on Organic Products will provide information on Peru’s organic goods, their potential, the current situation, and international market trends and opportunities, thus contributing to the sector’s competitiveness.


  • Identify current and potential Peruvian exports
  • Discuss market opportunities, requirements, and trends.

Target audience:

Entrepreneurs, investors, suppliers, authorities, public and private organization representatives, producers, and sector professionals, etc.

    • International Aquaculture Convention

    The growing world population, new technologies in the sector, globalization, and our rivers and coastal waters’ extraordinary conditions are the right combination of features for aiming at larger and more demanding markets, thereby positioning Peru as a supplier of aquaculture products.

At the VI International Aquaculture Convention, Peruvian and international experts will promote business opportunities, report on technological advances and market trends, and present international success stories.


  • Present successful cases of the development of current Peruvian exports as well as discuss potential products
  • Promote business opportunities and highlight technological advances and international market trends

Target audience:

Exporters, aquaculture and fishing entrepreneurs, producers, investors, consultants, researchers, food suppliers, NGO’s, authorities, public and private organization representatives, sector professionals, students, etc.

    • “EMPRENDE PERU”: International Seminar on the food sector

    On account of the continuous growth of Peru’s agroexport sector over the past ten years, we are now seen as a country that offers unique and diversified exports. This positions us internationally as a supplier of various exotic added value products, which are shipped out to satisfy the tastes of all types of consumers.

This, the 1st “Emprende Peru” International Seminar, will disseminate new trends in food products consumption and spotlight new niche markets.


  • Disseminate new trends in food products consumption
  • Identify new niche markets and discuss their potential
  • Introduce food product certifications and trends demanded by consumers .

Target audience:

Entrepreneurs, investors, suppliers, authorities, public and private organization representatives, producers, sector professionals, students, etc.


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