Additional Activities

 Innovation Hall

Expoalimentaria is an event that promotes new products and technological developments in the food industry with recognition given to companies that show outstanding creativity and innovation.

That is why it has set aside an area for awarding creativity in developing new food products and innovative technologies.

Prizes are given on the basis of their design, presentation, technology, and business potential.


To award and to recognize publically innovation in developing new food products.

      • Entrance rules
      • Evaluation criteria
      • Registration form

Food Festival

    Peruvian food is our nation’s pride and joy, considered one of the world’s best cuisines because of its quality.

On account of its ingredients, aromas, and flavors, it has earned many international accolades; it was born from the intersection of several cultures and the innovations brought about because of it.

Expoalimentaria invites some of our renowned chefs who will demonstrate how to prepare the most delicious and exquisite dishes using products that are exported from Peru.


 Pisco Hall

    Expoalimentaria celebrates pisco brandy as Peru’s flagship product. The quality and flavor of this liquor has garnered it international awards and distinctions. Inside, we have arranged for sector specialists to present a wide variety of pisco brandies.

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