12 10 2012


Friday, September 21, 2012.-” The economic history tells us that the countries that have reached a great development worldwide are the ones that have their products get added-value. Peru is going into that direction because of the business owners innovation that stop exporting raw material, to get the innovation and the sustainable development” it was explained by the General manager of the exporters Association (ADEX) , Patricia Fernán-Zegarra.

In the “II International Seminar  Emprende Perú”, done at the IV edition of the Expoalimentaria Fair, Fernán–Zegarra, gave details that our country currently has approximately 150 miner companies 400 fishing enterprises, 580 metal industries, 1600 agro exporters and 1800 companies of the textile industry. “These numbers tell us that we are making the transformation work of the country and we are doing it well” She assured.

She encouraged the business owners and the attendees to continue investing in our country, creating companies that keep the economy growing. “This seminar is looking for you to follow the vision of the successful models that have been showed today. We must continue generating productive chains that diversify our markets and let’s demonstrate to the world that the working spirit is our main characteristic”. She assured.

The event counted with the presence of General Secretary of the agriculture Ministry, Ana Dominguez, who presented cases of success of the most well-known Peruvian companies in the world, such AJE GROUP, La Ibérica S.A., Native and Natural S.A.C, Central de Alimentos S.A, INTERLOOM S.A., CENCOSUD and Supermercados Peruanos S.A.

During his lecturer The President of the General management of AJE GROUP, Angel Añaños Jerí, reminded the audience that his represented started with a creative idea and that they have to sort out lots of difficulties at the beginning. “The base of creating a business is not to put barriers, let aside the paradigms that keep us from growing, have courage, show trustworthiness and to have lots of perseverance”,

It was also identified the last tendencies in food products consuming wit International exhibitors such as, Siv Harriet Ahlberg, director of the Program Business Partnership – Finnpartnership of Finland; Pierre Heymans, agro expert of AWEX in Netherlands; Marcelo Fontana, Importer Director, – Supermercados Casafiesta from  Brazil; Guillermo Veliz, president of Amazonas Imports Inc. USA; Pedro Sastre, Manager of Categoría Frutas and Vegetables – BIDS from United Kingdom and others.

The seminar was divided in three modules, the first one was “Success factor to positioning a specialized Brand” in where examples of entrepreneurship were posted; the second module was “key factors to the development of innovating products “, which brought up important strategies for the creation of products and “Tendencies of consuming and opportunities for Peruvian products, national and international levels, which offered a general vision of the Food industry in the world.





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