12 10 2012

President of ADEX shared The President of the Republic’s expectation, Ollanta Humala


Sunday, September 23, 2012.- the President of the Exporters Association (ADEX), Juan Varilias Velásquez, shared the expectations of the President of the Republic, Ollanta Humala Tasso, to have Peru reach US$ 10 thousand million in food exportation towards 2016, however He explained that in order to get that goal, it is necessary to guarantee favorable rules that allow the development of the sector Agro Industry and Fishing.

It is important to point out that estimation was announced by the President after the inauguration of the IV Expoalimentaria, organized by ADEX, with the support of Promperu, Agriculture Ministry, and Foreign affairs Ministry.  “It is a challenge that not only depends on the business effort but also the effort of all Peruvians”, He quoted.

To the general view, according to the conditions we have, we can expect that getting close to the  US$ 10 thousand million in food exportation would not be so complicated, considering that our growing tendency is of 20% annually, however it is necessary to consider the economic difficulties that The International markets are facing. To this we must add the lack of policies in the development of both sectors, that’s why a major emphasis should be added in the public-private work.

In regards to our productive capacity, Varilias estimated that the agro exportations use 550 thousand hectares. “A simple reasoning would tell us that we need approximately 500 thousand hectares of additional lands to duplicate the exportations, but it is counted to our behalf the investments done in products such as grapes and avocados, also lands that have been won by irrigation projects that could help us to increase the offer”, He stated.

He explained that there are approximately 200 thousand hectares of lands that will be acquire through running irrigation Project, but the majority will not be able to give offer before 2016; therefore, most of the effort should be focused on increase the productivity and to take  the best advantage of the Sierra and jungle lands through support programs to substitute crops, for example.

“Another important resource is the trained hand labor, which is still low. Therefore, it is important to have training Programs for the agro industry workers”, he added, He also mentioned the efficient water use issue, especially in the valleys where this resource is critical.

In the fishing sector, he explained that the consolidation of fish business and the sustained growing of the investment, have allowed us to get a high capacity of production, for that reason it is estimated that is an area with great possibilities to keep the tendencies up, especially because we can use better our water mirrors in the mountains and in the jungle.

Talking about the International demands, He stated that Asia is looking to Peru as a safe food provider to the world, therefore we have a market to develop, however this task needs set up activities that go from sanitary protocols elaboration to aggressive programs of promotion of our products.

“Besides, it is important the organization of the industry to do an efficient marketing job. We need to promote more efficiently the generation of exportable offer, we have the resources and the products to do it. But we also need to establish our marketing management. In both cases the Institutional infrastructure private-public is fundamental”. He quoted.




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